​​​​Office Support: Includes database creation, document scanning, word processing, copy editing, supply ordering and additional general office support. 

​Graphics, Social Media & Web Services: Cybertary is committed to identifying a company's social media needs including graphic design, page management and website design.

​​Accounting and Bookkeeping:

Your books are the pulse of your business.  Cybertary will work with you to ensure your numbers are balanced and prepared for your CPA.  Saving you time and money!

**Our Services Include**

It's Your Time! Do what you do best...Let Cybertary do the rest!

Executive & Personal Assistance:

Includes a personalized concierge service, schedule maintenance, call tracking, email management, travel planning and more.

When you’re building your business, the fastest way to grow is to focus your energy on tasks that attract clients and bring in money. 

Most business owners start feeling stretched and get to the point where they can no longer do it all alone. You realize you need another pair of hands to complete everything that’s on your plate.

Cybertary can help to move things along more quickly and help you with some of the day-to-day busywork. When you take the step to work with a virtual assistant, you empower yourself to accomplish so much more. You hand off the tasks that someone else can do, so you can do more of what you do best.

Cybertary’s Patriot Policy:  It is Cybertary's position and policy to hire only workers within the U.S. and to not send any work overseas. For the security of our clients and their confidential information, we believe this policy is a positive, proactive and vitally important one.  Clients who work with Cybertary can have the confidence and reassurance of knowing that we keep our workers local and are able to thereby protect their best interests under the laws, insurance policies and identity theft protections that are in place in the U.S.